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Trick or Treat!

Halloween, the holiday of all things scary and spooky, is fast approaching! There are many Halloween traditions that have developed over the years including carving pumpkins to create ‘jack-o-lanterns’, making and eating toffee apples, trips to haunted houses, games such … Continue reading

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Celebrity pregenancy boom!

Maybe it’s something in the air or maybe it’s just the time of the year but celebrities it seems are getting pregnant or at least trying getting pregnant left right and centre. In the past few weeks there have been … Continue reading

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New Dinosaur Program On BBC

BBC are bringing a new show which will allow viewers to come face to face with a whole range of different dinosaurs including raptors, stegosaurus, pterodactyl’s and the famous t-rex, this new program seems to have them all. The new … Continue reading

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Animals at Work

The Animals at Work series have recently been re-aired on BBC One, having orientated from the CBBC channel. For those of you who haven’t caught this great child friendly animal series presented by John Barrowman it features animals with extraordinary … Continue reading

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Back to School

Summer holidays are nearly over, and your children are probably excited about a new year of school yet a little sad that their holidays are over. It’s a mixture of excitement and nerves as they may be embarking a lot … Continue reading

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