Funky Baby Clothes Have Arrived at Kids T-shirts!

Just as we say hello to summer, we also welcome our brand new (and super cute) arrivals – and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve been working hard to come up with a whole wardrobe FULL of cool baby grows and awesome baby t-shirts for your little bundle of fun, and we think you’ll agree, they’re pretty amazing.

Over the next month or so we’ll be switching our existing baby t-shirts over to our new, higher quality ones which are ribbed for extra stretch and have a handy envelope neck for easy dressing – anything to make it easier, right! Here are a few we love so far…

Noodle Brain baby t-shirt Dreamcatcher baby t-shirtNautical Trio baby t-shirt


Now for the bit we’ve been most excited for – the baby grows! We’ve waited patiently for these to come in and now they’re here it’s full steam ahead creating funky and funny designs to really let your tot show their growing personality. We’ll be updating our catalogue of designs every week so make sure you keep checking the site so you don’t miss out! Here are just a few of our favourites:

Tentacles (Green) baby growHanging In Space baby growStrawberry Costume baby grow


So go and take a look and get your baby looking cool this summer!

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We’re getting ourselves all star spangled for Independence Day!

So we might be based in the UK and have the Union Jack running through our veins, but we love our friends across the pond and always like to get involved in a celebration when the chance comes along! With countries becoming more and more rich in different cultures and traditions, we think it’s a great opportunity to teach kids about the heritage of others.

The fourth of July is celebrated all over the USA as their national Independence Day, the day back in 1776 when some of America’s most famous and important men signed the Declaration of Independence, including future presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. To help celebrate the holiday, we’ve designed a range of All American t-shirts, bags and mugs which will be sure to spangle on the day!

Women's Vintage Liberty t-shirt united stAll American Firecracker tote bagPledge of Allegiance baby t-shirt

So stock up on the fireworks and American snacks and make sure you and the family are looking your star-spangled best in our fantastic Independence Day range!

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Need the perfect gift for the perfect Dad?

Forget the ties, slippers, socks and handkerchiefs – our Father’s Day t-shirts and mugs are gifts he’ll want to show with pride all year round! We’ve got t-shirts for the King of the household, the tree house extraordinaire, and for the Dad who always gets roped into spending his dough! Not forgetting mugs that will remind him that he’s somebody’s hero every day.

Men's King Costume t-shirtOut Of This World Father's Day MugKids My Daddy Rocks T-shirt

Father’s Day is also the perfect excuse to grab a set of our combo t-shirts for him and the kids to wear, whether it’s a funny slogan or a monster family we’ve got the ideal tees for your little clan!

Men's Awesome Dad t-shirtsKids Awesome Kid t-shirt

Men's Big Monster Combo T-shirtKids Little Monster Combo t-shirtMini Monster Baby Combo T-shirtMen's Old Block Combo T-shirtKids Chip Off The Old Block t-shirtBaby Chip Off The Old Block T-shirt

So what are you waiting for?! Father’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve got everything you’ll need to make it the best day ever… Except maybe the steak and beers!

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Out Of This World Earth Day Activities!

So, what happens on Earth Day?

Every year on April 22nd, more than 1 billion people in over 192 countries take part in Earth Day activities, making it the largest civic observance in the world! Whether that means world leaders taking part in discussions about new environmental policies, or kids in schools learning about recycling and habitat preservation – every little bit helps.

earth day image

The Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act have all been passed as a result of the work of the Earth Day Network (EDN). Projects being worked on today include The Canopy Project – planting trees to help communities and protect natural lands; The Campaign to Protect the Asian Elephant – launching a three year campaign to reduce elephant death rates from railway accidents, poaching, and reduction in habitat; and The Green Cities Campaign – working to decrease climate change emissions which come from buildings by bringing in innovative energy efficient practices.


What can your family do to help?

Of course we wouldn’t just stand back and let everyone else get their hands dirty, so we’ve found our favourite Earth Day activities to get involved in, and as always we’ve got some tasty treats to make to round off the day!

Crisp Packet Keyrings

earth day crisp packets


Crisp packets are one of the main offenders when it comes to littering, so we’ve found a way to give them a new lease of life which is also a fun experiment for the kids! (We found a few posts about this activity, and it’s worth noting that non-foil packets work best). Get all the family to save their packets over the week and

Get shrinking here!


Earth Day Visitors

earth day aliens

Earth Day is so huge now that even our friends in space want to come and see what all the fuss is about! This awesome alien spaceship craft is so cheap and easy but there are so many cool ways to make each one different with glitter, paint, stickers – whatever you can find!

Get crafty here!

 Litter Critter Magnets

earth day magnets


We didn’t find a how-to on these little guys but it would be loads of fun going on a walk and finding stones, string, bottle tops, sticks and whatever other fun things you can pick up (remember to wear some gloves and give everything a wash when you’re home). You can then start gluing, painting and creating to make your cute Litter Critters! We’d glue magnets to the back and stick them on the fridge as a reminder about reusing and recycling.


Now it’s time for the tasty bit!

Hopefully you’ll all be crafted out by now and ready for some Earth Day treats – we definitely will be! We’ve got something sweet, something gross (but very yummy!), and something just plain cool 🙂


Earth Cookies

earth day cookies


We love how every cookie turns out different just by pressing together different patterns of blue and green dough! The recipe is in cups but there’s a converter here.

Get baking here!


Dirt Desserts

earth day worm pot


This is definitely one for the boys to get messy with! It’s so simple and makes a great treat if it’s a warm day outside – if not, you can always swap the ice cream for Angel Delight.

Get messy here!


Earth Day Eggs

earth day eggs


If you want to keep the sweet stuff to a  minimum, why not try these awesome tie dye Earth eggs?! Another one for the budding scientists out there, this experiment uses all edible ingredients so you can snack on them when you’re finished ooh-ing and aww-ing!

Get dying here!


Are your little ones inspired?

We hope we’ve given you everything you need for a fun-filled Earth Day, and that we’ve helped spread the word of the EDN. Who knows, you might have a future member right in front of you!  If your kids have been inspired by Earth Day, we’ve got a brilliant range of eco-inspired t-shirts, bags, and mugs to help them spread the word and save the world…

eco warriorcare for earth


treat it greenreduce reuse

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‘Eggs’ Marks The Spot This Easter!

We’re feeling eggstra generous this Easter, so we’re giving away free tote bags with orders over £15 – perfect for carrying all that Egg Hunt loot. Plus, we reveal our top Easter Egg Hunt tips and ideas!


Our tote bags are always a huge seller over Easter, so this year we’ve introduced a new size great for little hands to carry. These bags are available to buy on site in party bundles of five for £14.99, but if you spend £15 or more you can get one for FREE! We’ve chosen our two best-selling Easter designs to give away on these bags; Easter Egg Hunter and Evolution Of The Easter Egg which are brilliant for boys and girls. It doesn’t stop there though, oh no – if you spend £25 or more we’ll send you TWO! So what are you waiting for, hop over to our Easter categories and get shopping!


Splatter Chick kids' t-shirtEaster Friends mugChevron Easter Bunny girls' t-shirt


My Bum Hurts men's t-shirtHappy Eat-ster tote bagChicks Rule women's t-shirt


 Make the most of your Easter Egg Hunt this year with our eggcelent top tips!

Luckily Easter is late this year meaning there’s more chance of a lovely sunny day, ideal for an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt – yippee! This year, why not mix it up a bit by using some of our handy hints and ideas?


♦ Venture further than the back garden…

Why not look for any woodland areas nearby that a group of you could visit and set up your hunt there? One adult can occupy the kids with nature activities while you and the others go and hide eggs and leave clues around.


 Do a word search egg hunt…

An alternative to a normal egg hunt is to hide big letters around the hunt area which spell out a word. At every letter there are small eggs or prizes, and once all letters have been found they make up one last word which is the location of the Easter Bunny’s Special Stash! This can be where the larger eggs or prizes are hiding as a reward for finishing the hunt – just make sure it’s nowhere they might come across before the hunt is over!


♦ Make it crafty…

Make a number of craft stations in your search area so that every time a certain amount of eggs are found, the kids have a craft to take part in. This could be egg decorating,  making bunny masks, or doing an nature collage (great if you’re in garden).


♦ Use gifts instead of chocolate…

If your kids are a little older they might not be that into an Easter Egg Hunt, so why not hide plastic eggs (like the ones you can get from pound shops and the supermarket) and put small gifts in them like make up, money, or figures?


♦ Keep them active…

At each clue or marker you leave, give them an activity to do before they can move on such as an egg and spoon race, jumping jacks, a silly dance, or hula hoops. This will burn off some calories before they tuck into all their chocolatey treasure!


♦ And remember…

Make a note of everywhere you’ve hidden your eggs – you don’t want everyone to be searching around in the dark for that one last prize! It might also be a good idea to keep dogs out of the way if you’re hiding chocolate as it can be dangerous to them if they find it first.


Hoppy Easter everyone!

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Amazing DIY Mother’s Day gifts that will make Mum’s day!

After everything that Mums do for us, we think it’s only fair to show them how much we love them on their special day. They cook us food, make us smile when we’re feeling down, use the money they were saving for that new perfume to buy us the new shoes we just have to have – they really are the best!

So, we’re bringing you three tutorials of our favourite DIY gifts that she’ll love this March 30th so you can treat her to something special that she’ll remember for years to come.


Rainbow Roses

Rainbow Roses Experiment These rainbow roses really do look beautiful, and we think the colours would look great on the breakfast table with our Happy Mothers Day mug!

This tutorial shows you everything you need (which really isn’t a lot!) to create your own. Remind Mum to press the flowers once they start to wilt so she can keep them forever!

 Handprint Keychains

Mother's Day Handprint CharmWe can’t get enough of these adorable handprint charms – each one is completely unique and you can make them as decorative as you like! This tutorial is great as she gives you handy hints and tips to help you out. It’s also a really fun one for the kids as they’ll love getting messy and watching their handprint shrink down in the oven!

Shrink paper and everything else you’ll need can be found at your local craft shop such as Hobbycraft.



Fun Photo Bookmarks

DIY Photo Bookmarks of Kids Is Mum a bit of a bookworm? Then she’ll love to see her favourite people saving her place in the book she’s got her nose in at the moment this Mother’s Day! Again, all the things you need are easy to get hold of in your local craft shop and are pretty cheap too.

Just follow this simple tutorial to make your very own photo bookmarks!

We hope you all have tonnes of fun making these awesome gifts for your Mum this Mother’s Day – don’t forget to check out our Mother’s Day t-shirts and mugs for kids, Mums, and even Grandma to make this year extra special!

My Mum Is The Sweetest girls' t-shirtMums Way Or The Highway mug


World's Bee-st Mum women's t-shirtMy Mommy Is The Best kids' t-shirt

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Love To Get Messy This Valentine’s Day!

Elmo is red, Thing 1’s hair is blue, it’s Valentine’s month and we’ve got some cool stuff to do!

Yes it’s that time of the year again – you’ve all had a healthy January after the Christmas foodathon and you’re starting to crave some of the naughty things that have started showing their sugary faces in the shops! Of course Valentine’s day means sweets and presents, as well as lots of love and cuddles, so we’ve filled this blog post with our favourite eats and crafts for all the family to get involved with this February! Time to get messy…


♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥


Now we know if there’s one way to our kids’ hearts, it’s food! We’ve trawled the internet for three tasty treats that are suitable for kids of all ages to get stuck in to and have some fun with.



A really easy treat to make with the kids, melt chocolate onto spoons and decorate with your favourite bits and bobs!Sensational Spoons

These are great if you have smaller kids as they are quick, simple, and tonnes of fun to decorate! Plus, not only do they look more playful, they also last loads longer than your standard treat sized chocolate bar. You’ll need to help them out with melting the chocolate, but as soon as it’s cooled down a little, it’s all about them getting creative (and maybe a bit messy)!

Cupid’s Cupcakes

Heart Shaped CupcakesGreat fun for all ages, these heart-shaped cupcakes are an exciting experiment that they can get arty with! Personally we’d use lots of different decorations like coloured coconut, mini pretzels, jelly tots – whatever you can get your hands on to create moreish masterpieces!

Red Velvet BrowniesValentine’s Red Velvet Brownies

These are more of a challenging recipe for any budding bakers in the house, but boy are they yummy!  The recipe is in cups, but you can find a measurement converter here:



♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥


Now everyone’s feeling nice and full of our scrummy valentines treats, it’s time to sit down and get crafty! We’ve found three cupid-approved crafts that use simple things that you may already have hiding around the house.


Paper Heart Wreath Paper Heart Wreath

We love this one because it’s just fiddly enough to be a challenge but it’s doable for most kids over around 3; also there’s so many different patterns of card they can use that all wreaths can be completely unique! (We think it would be fun to add some glitter too).

Heart Suncatcher Made From Plastic BeadsSweetheart Suncatchers

Not only do these look beautiful when they’re finished, but the kids will be so excited to watch the beads melt together and see new colours forming when they overlap! As long as you help with the oven and drilling, this is another one that the whole family can join in on

Embroidery Hoop ArtAdorable Hoop Art

This is definitely something for the older kids to do (as well as you!) as it involved pins, needles and patience, but once the hoops are finished they look lovely and can be treasured forever! This thread has loads of different picture ideas so you can take your pick of which to make.




♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥


So there you go, lots of Valentines fun for you and the family to have over the next couple of weeks to keep little hands busy and minds active! Of course, we wouldn’t let Valentine’s Day pass by without bringing you some awesome and adorable designs worthy of cupid himself! Make sure you go and take a look in our girls and boys Valentine’s categories and get your little cherubs kitted out for the occasion.

Flamingo Heart kids' t-shirtI Put The Me in Romeo boys' t-shirt Say Hello To My Little Friend kids' t-shirt Blooming Rose girls' t-shirt

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It’s all about the treats this Halloween!

Halloween has got to be our FAVOURITE holiday here at Kids T-shirts HQ; we get to think of heaps of devilish new designs with all of our most loved spooks, ghouls and monsters! Not only that, but we also get to stuff our faces with sweets and other naughty nibbles – it’s best to get prepared for Christmas soon rather than later, right?! Seeing as we’re in such a good mood from all the monster mashing and sugar snacking, we’ve decided to give all you amazing people your own Halloween treat!

Trick or Treat Pumpkin tote bag

So, between 1st October and 28th October we’re giving away this FREE ‘Trick Or Treat Pumpkin’ tote bag worth £8.99 with every order from our Halloween categories, no matter whether it’s boys or girls! Our Halloween tote bags are perfect for all little monsters, witches and spooks to carry around on Halloween to jam-pack with all their Trick or Treat goodies – after all, we don’t want to be scrubbing melted chocolate and sticky toffee out of pockets on November 1st!

Red Turtle Power kids' t-shirtMermaid Costume girls' t-shirtPirate Costume kids' t-shirt

Well, what are you waiting for? Go and take a look at our spooktacular range of kids’ t-shirts eligible for one of these terrifying totes!

*Please note it is only the ‘Trick or Treat Pumpkin tote bag’ that comes free with orders, all other Halloween totes are priced at the normal £8.99
*One bag per household
*To ensure delivery before 31st October please order before 21st October with standard delivery, and 28th October for express delivery (please be aware that sometimes orders can take 1-2 days to be dispatched). 

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We <3 fancy dress!

So here at kid’s t-shirts we do love a good fancy dress t-shirt, and having listened to our customers, we thought it was about time that we updated our fancy dress section!

Playing dress up is so much fun for little ones – they love to play the nurse, sailor, chef or whatever occupation comes into their imagination!

So if your kid is off to a party in the coming weeks, why not purchase one of our great fancy dress t-shirts? They won’t break the bank at £8.99 and we think they will LOVE them. There are plenty of different designs, which one is your favourite?

Doctor Costume kids' t-shirtSheriff Costume kids' t-shirt

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Free UK Delivery!

Free UK ShippingSay hello to Free UK Delivery! For a limited time only, we are offering Free Standard Delivery to all our UK customers. However if you order three or more items, you will get a Free UK Express Delivery! We think this is a fantastic opportunity for you to treat the kids to some fabulous new tees! Enjoy!

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