Beautiful Bauble

Christmas Baubles, the good, the bad and the very very sparkly.  Would a tree be a Christmas tree without them? Love them or hate them they have been around for centuries in some form or another from the strings of glass beads from Germany in the 1580’s to the novelty wrapped chocolate tree decorations from Harrods, London in 1910. The most well loved bauble that nearly all households in the UK will have owned at some point are the brightly coloured, shiny, some might say “gaudy” orbs that became popular in the 19th century. These were a development from medieval times when households would hang glass orbs outside their houses to ward off evil spirits.  But far from associating these with ghastly ghosts the ‘bauble’ has come to represent the quintessential Christmas accessory.  Large, small, round, oval, teardrop, paper, glass, kitsch, decorative and diamond encrusted, it would seem that anything goes.  Candy Cane’s from the choirboys of the 1670’s and Danish gold painted apples from the Hans Christian Anderson era are still all the rage, it all depends on your ‘theme’ apparently.  In recent years our pared back more simplistic interior christmas attire for the home has seen scandinavian inspired tree decor soar.  Nordic paper baubles in neutrals and metallics are a fashionable less flashy alternative to the bright colour bombs we know and love….. with a few glittery pink flamingos and bright red London buses thrown in for good measure.

In the spirit of Christmas and wholeheartedly embracing the brilliant bauble we’re rather fond of a few of our own bauble inspired t-shirt designs…..anything goes remember!

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