Words and Doodles

Have you seen some of our latest slogan designs? We’ve just finished a range on random words that are frequently heard tripping off the tongue of 7-8 yr olds. The post pre-schoolers and pre-tweens do have a certain way of saying it how it is these days so we’ve bought some of that lingo to life !

Yo Bro kids t-shirt

Awesome kids backpack

Oh Maaaan kids onesie

Sometimes its a one word exclamation – Cool ! or a hip way of expressing annoyance ‘Oh Maaaan’. Along with a fist pump and a high five, a cursory ‘Yo Bro’ is far more acceptable on the playground than a simple ‘hello’.  Things aren’t ‘great’ any more, they’re EPIC and the most awesome thing to be is in fact ‘awesome’.

So when I was first jotting all these words and phrases down the style of the range was born.  They all seemed to be ‘decorated’ with squiggles and lines or written in big bubble writing or outlined twice. Doodles, essentially.  I started to wonder was I a straight up doodler was it the nature of the language (awesome, epic, rad) that had caused me to doodle subconsciously.  My mind and my pen wandered… do people generally fall into two categories; doodlers and non-doodlers ? Is there a science or meaning behind doodling and what does it say about you?   So here it is; a little bit random and bordering on a scribble….

Verb: To scribble absent-mindedly.

Noun: A rough drawing made absent-mindedly.

So the absentminded element of a doodle implies that you’re not really concentrating, your pen or pencil may not leave the page, your mind has wandered but your hand is randomly etching out abstract lines with no apparent intent or meaning.  Are doodlers easily bored? Is it a child-like trait? Some illustrators seem to employ a ‘doodled’ style of drawing with great success, for example Liz Pinchon’s ‘Tom Gates’ series is a big fan of a doodle inspired image, and it suits the subject, the narrative and the age range of those reading the stories.

I like to think that there is a more insightful, pleasing answer to the reason for doodling. Could it be that maybe the subject matter inspires the doodles, prevents one from day dreaming by channeling any random thoughts down to the tip of your pencil and actually stops you from moving on from the matter in hand.  Doodling enables a state of mind limbo, deep concentration, mindfulness. In short, it might be nicer to think that while doodles appear to be random they could in fact be deliberate( albeit not consciously) a tool to stop minds from wandering, a scribe for your thoughts not a scribble, mindful not absent minded. Or rather, Rad, Cool, Epic and Awesome!

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