Have a SUPER summer.

Summer Holidays should be about fun. Take a break from school, hang out with your mates, go outside, enjoy endless activities, have fun.  It might be time to learn something new, go somewhere new or meet someone new and we urge you to have a super time doing it.

Everyone has super powers. Oh yes you do.  It might not be super powers as you know them… the ability to fly, breathe underwater or turn invisible but other super strengths that are unique to you.  We’ve created a new range of super t-shirts to help you nurture your personal power.  We can absolutely guarantee that you will possess at least one of these super skills.

Whatever you’re up to this summer, as long as you try, do your best and don’t be afraid of making mistakes, you will be great.  You don’t need kryptonite or a special suit you just need to be you, an everyday hero. Go on, go and be super.


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