Looking Sweet For Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day might just be a bit of fun, but it’s a really nice way to spread the love – because we all know the playground can be a bit of a battleground sometimes! Whether kids want to send a card to their secret crush, or just to their best friend to tell them they love them, it’s a tradition we hope is around forever.

That’s why every year, we come up with new designs for our kids clothing and accessories to put a little love in the air – even if their love is just for pizza, dinosaurs and robots…

Who Needs Love Pizza kids t-shirtWho Needs Love Dinosaurs t shirtWho Needs Love When You've Got Pizza t shirt

Of course, we also cater for the young-hopefuls who believe in true love; holding hands at break time, sharing their snack box, and passing notes in class…

Love Hearts girl's t-shirtLove Potion mugRainbow Love girls t-shirt

…and before they’re old enough to realise what the heck Valentine’s Day is, they can always just be the apple of your eye!

The ME In Romeo baby baseball t-shirtFlamingo Love baby growLove Hearts baby sweatshirt

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