New Term, Fresh Start.

It’s the end of the summer. The mornings are a little more dewy and the nights a little more chilly.  It smells autumnal, damp and a little smokey. The first signs of a new season are beginning to appear.  The boughs of horse chestnut trees hold the promise of a huge windfall of brown shiny conkers and the first glimpses of golden, orange and red leaves have started to appear.    The air is filled with change, its filled with autumn and its filled with the nervous excitement of a new school term.

No doubt all the preparations have been done, uniform bought, new shoes purchased and old ones polished, pencils sharpened and lunch boxes packed. All evidence and frenetic activity pointing towards the start of a new term, a fresh start and exciting new beginnings.

The first day back is a big day whatever your age; new starter at preschool, first day at Primary School, year 7 of Secondary school and as a parent, grand parent or carer your pockets better be lined with tissues, batteries in the camera and a coffee date arranged with friends to recover afterwards.  Not forgetting how the Kids may be feeling… they maybe full of chatter embracing friends or clinging onto adult legs reluctant to let go, eyes full of tears.  It’s a poignant moment, its bittersweet but why not send them off with something fun to discover at lunch time to keep them going throughout the day.

We think this checklist covers it brilliantly:

Be kind and have courage !

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